Architectural Firm Zacutti

Re-evaluating a floor of ancient grit (e.g in a house in the Prati area in Rome) by combining it with natural materials such as wood could be such a harmonious and exciting solution as to become a “marble carpet”.

residenza sperlonga

At a time in history when the tendency is to innovate without a precise rule and while often confusing what’s new with what has ‘no style’. My ideas go in the opposite direction, both in my Studies and in my Projects.

Loving new technologies, making state-of-the-art materials yours while maintaining eco-sustainability doesn’t mean distorting the essence of the ‘old’ or the pre-existing. Creating harmony without alteration is an idea that has always been part of my working philosophy.








Architecture firm Zacutti implements any kind of project you need, and achieved your dreams.

Creativity is the way to face the life, the way to shake models and concepts.

The expression of architecture must compare with reality and with customer’ s needs.

The project born fromthe limits of a predetrmined area, devolped without original conditioning.

We help you realize your dreams